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Guds spelemän (garmarna cover)

After a year of silence, we’re happy to let you know that Strøm is back! More songs will be coming, but for now, here’s a cover song! With Marthe-Pia on vocals, we covered Guds Spelemän by Garmarna, in our own style of course. Hope you like it! Follow us to hear more music from Strøm!


Here is a song about everything! Both nature and not nature. This is a rare version of Strøm… with a vocalist! Tristan’s voice contributed to making Split, a heavy, dynamic, and meaningful song.

archetypes (2.0)

Do you remember our very first song? Now, after a few years in kindergarten, we feel that this beauty too has become ready to be released again. Tom has fixed really good sound and recorded bass. So now it’s time to learn to walk … or to fly.


You may have caught on to the fact that we’re not a normal, modern band. Strøm was in fact (metaphorically) formed in 1402, by an owl and a bear. We’ve created this powerful song to tell our story. Let’s journey together, back to medieval times of iambic pentameter and cartoons. Here’s the story of what happened in 1402.


From the three outer corners of the world, Korsnes, Tromsø and Berlin, comes a song made by a bear, an owl and a wolf. Here’s the music video for Triplicity 2.0, with twice the guitarist and triple the fun. Short, energetic, riff-driven instrumental. Marcus “Rooky” Forstbauer pops into the video at some point too. Rooky isn’t wearing a bucket, so he can actually see what he’s doing in the new and improved guitar solo.


What happens when you mix an old bunker, a dark winter night, torches, and chess? Either a very strange dinner or this music video. This is a song that started with the idea of, “The ferry sometimes goes beep-beep. That’s a cool rhythm.” From there it evolved to the guitar going dun-dun, and then we really just added some finishing touches. This is Masters.


Rotation of the cell causes motion of the materials, resulting in an ever-changing view being presented. We named this song Kaleidoskop mostly because we wanted to use one for the video, but I guess we might as well give it meaning as well. So here it is: Don’t be afraid to change your views, welcome it. It is part of learning to be a better person, and it only gets more and more important that we all keep an open mind and try to believe in the good parts of the world. There, now it is not only sound, but a song with a purpose!


Fire the cannons! Hoist the anchor! Dust the parrot! Strøm is here, and we’ve brought pirate metal.No sharks were harmed during the making of this video. Actually, no sharks were seen either. However, what we lack in scary fish, we make up for with… silliness. Like, comment and share! If we get 100 likes on this video, we’ll consider getting a shark. Yargh!


Strøm er tilbake med en ny musikkvideo der vi opprører mot… ting og sånt! Takket være litt kreativ belysning (og videotriksing) gjorde vi nydelig kontormusikk om til opprørsk punk. Punk er no


Strøm is back with a new music video, where we rebel against… things and stuff! Thanks to some creative lighting (and video tricks) we transformed lovely office music into rebellious punk. Punk is something we’ve wanted to do since the beginning of Strøm (in 1402), and we felt that it had to be done right. That’s why we’re especially happy to have borrowed Tommy Jee (from Captured By Liberty) as the singer and lyricist of this song. e vi har hatt lyst til å gjøre nesten helt siden starten av Strøm (i året 1402), og vi følte at det måtte gjøres riktig. Vi er derfor spesielt glade for å ha fått lånt Tommy Jee (fra Captured By Liberty) som vokalist og tekstforfatter.


In our greatest action production yet, with snowballs and excitement… arctic nature and fire… and last, but not least, snowballs: In spite of great danger, we went into dark and scary woods, at least 100 meters from the road, to play with snowballs. Of course, we took this very seriously.


Strøm’s own summer song, finished just when the summer is over… we’re good at timing! By lowering tempo and metal factor we captured a bit of the summer mood, which can be enjoyed freely all year round! (Song may contain traces of Strøm).


When Strøm goes for a drive, we go quite fast! At least in our minds… the car luckily stays within the speed limit. It was a nice drive though, with lovely nature, arctic evening sun and our own easter music.


Boo! Hope we didn’t scare you too much… we’re not scary, really, we just sound like it. Anyways, this is our very own nice little nature video with dark gray metal music to set the mood. If you absolutely do not like this sort of music, there’s a special “enjoy the nice pictures”-button that looks like a tiny speaker.


It required several trips out into the cold and dark winterscape of the north… with deep snow as well (it wasn’t as frightening as it sounds, despite us getting lost a tiny bit), but here you can finally see the results… the newest video of Strøm! It’s called Midwinter Hope, and in the dark, cold winter, that might be just what we need. We hope it can give you a spark of light in an otherwise quite dark time …


Here’s our new song and video. The name, “Speed Mode”, has nothing to do with traffic safety or driving. (Markus doesn’t even have a licence and Peter drives like like an autopilot … We’re really more the “taking nice walks” type). Still, there is some good speed here, as we felt like making a speedmetal song. Both the video and the music are almost traveling at the speed of light! All musical stunts were performed by professional amateurs. Don’t try this at home!


OK. Here you are! Our first music video. Strøm fooling around at the water’s edge.