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harrumph …. harrumph

Well… so we’re standing here with our hands in the air and an iron grip on the guitar, suddenly about to do the welcoming speech. We’re really just two soft spoken, music loving specialists, who are most happy behind our instruments. We might as well start by introducing ourselves. Then you’ll know who you’re visiting the next time you stop by here. Strøm is a band project consisting of two professional amateurs.

There is Markus (Skårnes… for the record). A lot of beard nowadays. The guitar is strapped straight on the heart, and he’s a real Korsnesværing (If you haven’t heard of Korsnes… it’s also known as the center of the world… but don’t tell anyone.. it’s a secret.)

On the other hand, there is Peter (Krüger… also this must be on record). Less beard, but longer hair than Markus. Drums are his second language. A true Berlinerbolle (For the ones who haven’t heard of Berlin… well…just ask Peter… he’s been there.)

After Peter’s dog went on a visit to the neighbors to steal some dried fish, both of the protagonists in this fairy tale stumbled upon each other. That’s when it all started (the story with the bear and the owl and the year 1402 is actually pure fiction, designed to make us a little more otherworldly.) We discovered that we’re a good match. Drums and guitar work well together. We speak the same language. One thing leads to another and…. Metal music without boundaries. And now.. suddenly we’re world famous… almost unbelievable, right? So, now you know. None of us know where the journey shall go.. but we think we’re on the right track at least. And the next time you stop by here, we might be even further along the way… welcome back!



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