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Strøm, beautiful atmospheres and heavy riffs that pull you into a world of your own.

Strøm is a Norwegian/German metal band that takes inspiration from Northern Norwegian nature, amongst other things, when constructing their mostly instrumental songs. You can expect big atmospheric moments, beautiful melodies, heavy riffs, and cool rhythms.
However, Strøm is more than just the music. With a unique visual expression (as well as their own mythology?), this is a band that should be experienced at multiple levels.

From their start in 2015, the band consisted of drummer Peter and guitarist Markus. In 2018, they were joined by bassist and sound wizard, Thomas, who turned the sound quality up a few notches.

Strøm’s first music video was released in 2016 on YouTube, but Masters in 2021 was the first song they released to Spotify.

Strøm is a long-distance band. Peter and Markus reside in different parts of Northern Norway and will meet up to play when they have the opportunity. Thomas, on the other hand, resides in Germany. This means that all of Strøm have actually yet to be in the same room together.

Once in a while, you can hear guest musicians in Strøm’s songs, such as Tristan who did the vocals for Split, Yvonne who did violins for Seaborne Storm Eater, and lead guitarist Rooky who can be heard on several of their recent songs and will hopefully play on many more.

Download our press kit here (zip file). Here you have quick access to logos, band image, band bio and songs.