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The Strøm sessions

When we make music, it usually happens like this. Peter’s kids have gone to bed and fallen asleep. He sends smoke signals to Markus. The air is clean. After about 5 minutes, Markus comes walking through the primeval forest with a guitar case and an amp. “Hello” “Hello”, and in to Peter’s office we go.

After a brief handling of the cable mess of the night, it’s ready, set and go! Usually, what follows is several hours of musical flow and advanced improvisation within the realms of metal, rock and punk, with the occasional whatever else we feel like playing. Only interrupted by some quick dialogs of coughing fits and joking comments. We’re good at that. What’s so amazing with this is that we never know in advance where the musical journey goes, but that we trust eachother as companions on the journey. And there were many of these journeys. Many exciting bits of sound have popped up along the way.

There is something unique about music that is created in the moment. The recorder has become a constant presence in these musical journeys. So, we’ve decided to share highligts from what we call “The Strøm Sessions” with you. The first taste is something that’s a little outside of the boundaries of metal. Hear for yourself…..


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